Purpose of Private Lessons

To learn, practice, and apply musical skills outside of the classroom with a professional bassoonist. By working individually with students, private teachers tailor lessons to specific learning styles, as well as address peculiarities unique to bassoon. Lessons are beneficial and encouraged for all levels of musicianship.

Lesson Rates

Students are required to participate in weekly lessons. Students will have the ability to choose between 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lessons based upon their ability and availability. Students can also purchase reeds from me at an additional rate.

30-minutes: $15

45-minutes: $17

60-minutes: $20

Payment is due at the first lesson of the month. An invoice will be emailed to the student or parent during the last week of the previous month. Overdue payments will result in a late fee of $2 per day. Payment can be made via cash, check, PayPal or Venmo.

Attendance and Absent Policies

Attendance to lessons is required.


Parents or students must give 24-hour notice of lesson cancellation. If given 24-hour notice or an emergency or illness, lessons can be made up or credited to the student’s account. If less than 24-hour or no notice is given, the lesson will not be made up or credited.


In addition, I will provide you with a 24-hour notice if a lesson is to be cancelled. These lessons will be rescheduled or credited.

Expectations and Materials

Students are expected to maintain a regular practice schedule and prepare for each lesson.

At each lesson, students are required to bring their instrument, reeds in working condition, a bassoon notebook, and assigned etudes and/or solo repertoire.


The students’ bassoon notebook should include a summary of what the student practiced each session, what is assigned for next week, and any outside research or questions the student has for the teacher.